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Animal Sculpture

This year we are sponsoring a talented local artist to produce a limited range of high quality sculptures of animals that like ponds and streams. Our initial sculpture is of a beaver sitting on its hind legs with its front paws tuched up against its chest.

The pictures below are of the unfinished clay mould. The finished sculpture will be cast in bronze resin and will be of the highest quality.

As we are involved in sponsoring bringing beavers to Britain through The Mammals Trust UK, we plan to limit the number of sculptures cast to the same number that are introduced this year.

Given that they can catch them, the Mammals Trust are hoping to get 18 adult beavers released into habitats in Scotland and Northern England, so if you want a beautiful sculpture of a beaver for your garden, please book early or you may be disappointed.

For every sculpture purchased, a generous donation will be made to The Mammals Trust UK to further their splendid work.

The bottom two pictures are of the finished clay master and the last one has been digitally metallised for fun. The cast sculpture will be a deep and rich bronze colour.


The final mould was cast at the end of the May, so it would set over the Jubilee bank holiday.

Here you can see the fibreglass moulding which contains the latex mould covering the clay original.

The first bronze resin cast will be made in the next week or so.

The end of July is with us and the first bromze resin beaver was cast last week. He is pictured above next to a stream we built late last year. This casting has already been purchased, so there are only 17 more before we destroy the master mould. Order yours before its to late.

We plan to commission further sculptures during the year, with the next being either a warthog or a baby hippo. All will be made in strictly limited numbers to the highest quality. We aslo undertake private sculpture commisions.


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